Program Management / Business Analysis / Implementation

Who: A $56B American Fortune 50 computer Technology Company

What: Program Management Office/Business Analysis for Global Command Center Transformation/Implementation of Sense & Respond Product Suite

Results: Development and Deployment of new command center capability in record time (5 months)

  • Customization of a Sense & Respond suite combining:
    • Transaction Visibility
    • Event Capture
    • Process Discovery
    • Complex Event Processing (Big Data at rest and in motion)
    • Business Rules
    • Analytics
    • Business Process Management
  • Business driven alert configuration
  • Real time sense and respond
  • Streamlined agent activity
  • Enabled complex monitoring and alerting of customer dispatches
  • Enabled external event impact early warning
  • 130,000¬†dispatches per day
  • Project hand-off to client IT department and off-shore support organization
  • Real Time KPI

How: Program Management Office/Global Operational Responsiveness Workshops & Analysis

  • Program Management Services and Consulting
  • Program governance and coordination across end client global organization and software provider global organization.
  • Change management services
  • Business Analyst Services
  • Training development and delivery
  • Project management of 10 person development team
  • Coordination with client IT department and business
  • Agile Model Simulate Integrate development approach using 60 day build cycles

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December 10, 2014