Who: Private solar energy startup company developing and manufacturing CIGS Thin-film PV technology.  It was later acquired by a new investor group.

What: Program Management Office  Consulting & Planning Services

Results: Comprehensive analysis and recommendation set for transition from pilot line to 100MW factory provided in three weeks.  Blue-print for establishment of Program Management Office

  • Defined the programming phase of the facilities project
  • Provided recommendation set on contracting options and approaches with construction companies/turn-key providers
    • Cost controls
    • Change order controls
    • Integration of project schedules
  • Provided recommendation set on project controls and approaches to best safeguard IP concerns and supplier identities/information while still maintaining project status and integration
  • Approach and staffing to ensure tools are properly installed and verified.

How: High Performance Assessment of Production Ramp/PMO Readiness

  • High Performance model survey of select functions
  • Comprehensive documentation, process, and metric review
  • Organizational staff audit with targeted in depth interviews